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    Requirements for using the kernel
    Model Variants: SM-N910S/K/L/C/H/U, SM-N915S/K/L, SM-N916S/K/L
    Tested Device: SM-N910S/K/L & SM-N915S/K/L & SM-N916S/K/L
    Installed OS: TouchWiz M 6.0.1, M Base Note7 and All Porting ROMs

    Main Features
    • All porting ROM support.
    • Fixed a screen-touch issue that occurred while waking from sleep mode.
    -- Problems exist in stock(samsung) firmware.
    • AnyKernel based.
    • Synapse support.
    • SELinux Permissive.
    • Linux 3.10 upstream.
    • Compile with UBERTC 7.2.1 toolchain.
    • F2FS fully support.
    • Gametuner-Mod: Game Booster Mode, Provides intelligent performance enhancement mode in conjunction with Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết
    • Apply Fake KNOX.
    • Apply chacha20 to random (entropy).
    • Linaro LSK-v3.18-Energy-Aware Scheduler (EAS) Backport.
    - EAS simplifies power and performance management through scheduler-driven tuning to manage more efficiently.
    • Improved storage performance and longevity by applying lazytime mount options.
    - Similar to Dynamic Fsync, but operates at the file system level and has no risk of data loss.
    • CPU/GPU UC & OC.
    • CPU/GPU/BUS voltage regulation.
    • R12P0 GPU Driver(Stock is R7P0) & Performance Tuning.
    • NVIDIA cpu relax patch, reduced heat & increased battery life.
    • HMP tuning Interface.
    • Enable NEON in kernel mode.
    • Detail charging circuit control allows faster charging.
    • Added I/O Scheduler 'bfq, fifo, fiops, row, sio, zen'.
    • Enable Westwood tcp/ip congestion control.
    • LED FADE control.
    • Qualcomm interactive (renamed cafactive) cpu governor porting @by arter97.
    • Added battery-friendly impulse governor and more powerful ironactive (interactive in the Qualcomm 4.4 kernel) governor.
    • Provides an add-on that keep kernel settings on un-rooted devices.
    • Synapse: System Tweak add-on available.
    • Synapse: Provides configuration profile separated by performance / battery / stability.
    • Many other optimization applications.

    Credit (Thanks. to)
    • AndreiLux - Perseus5433 kernel.
    • UpInTheAir - SkyHigh Kernel.
    • halaszk - Perseus-halaszk-universal5433 kernel.
    • arter97, gokhanmoral, faux123,
    • RaymanFX (AOSP Kernel & Vendor).
    • osm0sis - AnyKernel2.
    • All members of the PRIME-Kernel NaverCafe.
    • And all of commited in sources & all of xda developers.

    Change Log

    Detail(Korean): Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết

    Note: AnyKernel method
    Kernels that use AnyKernel method do not have built-in ramdisks; instead they extract and merge with currently installed ramdisk on the fly while installing.
    This can help improve compatibility with certain carriers, but can also cause problems if flashed upon another custom kernel.
    Thus it is highly recommended that you have a stock kernel installed beforehand when flashing this kernel.

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    * The N910C/H/U variants needs testing.

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    Stock Kernel Link

    Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết | Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết | Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết
    ! This is not a prime kernel.
    After downloading, please flash in TWRP. automatically detect and flash all variants.

    Built-in Stock Kernel List
    N910C-XXS2DQHC / N910H-XXS2DQH5 / N910U-XXS2DQHF
    N910S-KSU2DQD4 / N910L-KLU2DQD4 / N910K-KTU2DQD1
    N915S-KSU2DQE1 / N915L-KLU2DQE1 / N915K-KTU2DQE1
    N916S-KSU2DQD4 / N916L-KLU2DQD4 / N916K-KTU2DQD4

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