ROM COOK [MOD][Feb 13][#010] modPack for HTC Sense ROMS | Android 5.0.2 | Base 7.17.1540.7

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    lyapota's ModPack
    Port by santod040 for M7 Lollipop Sense ROMs

    ~with aroma installer~

    M7 Lollipop 5.0.2 Base: 7.15.401.1 and 7.17.1540.7

    This is my initial m7 port of @lyapota's m8 ModPack for Sense Lollipop roms.
    We should all thank him immensely for his great efforts!
    This should work on any Sense Lollipop rom currently available for the HTC One M7, with the exception of heavily modified roms.
    Please make a backup prior to flashing this mod.
    You can revert or add any changes at any time, by reflashing the ModPack.
    I will be updating this, as more mods are added to the original package, and with whatever mods I see fit to add myself, in the future.
    I already have many more ideas.
    But these will come in due time...
    For now, I hope you enjoy!

    in package:
    • longpress backkey kill app
    • advanced power menu
    • battery %
    • kernel tweaks (secure/insecure)
    • clean all recent apps for Google card view style
    • remove search bar from recents
    • centered clock
    • right corner pulldown qs
    • 15 tiles qs
    • disable exchange security
    • display DPI
    • Prism menu
    • Flashlight QS Tile
    • allow prism landscape
    • increase volume steps for media
    • notify tweaks
      -hide alarm
      -hide bluetooth
      -hide headphones
      -hide volume
      -hide gps
      -hide clock
      -hide am/pm
      -hide battery if % label enabled
      -hide nfc icon
      -hide power saver
    • data traffic indicator (white | blue | pink | red | green | yellow)
    • longpress volume key (show ambient display | Dwn play(pause)/Up skip to next | Dwn skip to previous/Up skip to next )
    • ambient display (Settings->display) (notifications only, no pickup)
    • support voice recording (HTC Dialer -> in call menu, after connection)
    • big caller photo
    • dialer, contacts, lockscreen options
      -install google dialer (keeps htc)
      -install google contacts (keeps htc)
      -enable aosp/gpe lockscreen (remove htc)
      -remove htc dialer & contacts
      -restore htc dialer, contacts, lockscreen and remove google
    • enable 2G only option
    • enable music channel
    • double tap to sleep status bar
    • prism options -
      -gap fix
      -combo (gap fix & landscape)
    • initial battery options - will work more on these soon(may move to ThemePack later)
      - stock battery
      -1% sense battery
      -1% aosp style 1 battery
      -1% aosp style 2 battery
      -1% aosp circle battery
      -1% sense blue battery
    • transparent htc widgets
    • enable panorama camera mode
    • enable 10 htc themes on Maximus HD

    You can change these options any time, just reflash modPack.


    @Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết - original ModPack
    @Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết - 15 tiles qs
    @Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết - disable exchange security
    @Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết - Flashlight QS Tile
    ckpv5 - Widget mods

    You must be on a 7.15.401.1 or 7.17.1540.7 based ROM to flash this modPack.

    Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết
    If device hangs after leaving aroma, hold volume down and power.
    From hboot, return to recovery and choose reboot system.

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