ROM COOK [ROM] ManuProN5 Astra Dream S8 UX ROM v2.1 [UP:28/10/17]

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    Welcome to Astra Dream S8 UX STABLE v2.1 ROM Project!
    The Spooky Update Plus has Arrived!
    Created by ManuProN5

    To all of the Developers, do not steal ROM files without permission, they're watermarked!



    This ROM was made by ManuProN5 and its my personal work. It is not intended for commercial use. I'm not responsible if your device breaks, by downloading and using my software, you are the only who are responsible for what you do with it. Enjoy!


      • Upgraded N8/S8 UI! With 6 Toggles in a ROW + New Colour Scheme
      • Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết
      • Refixed SafetyNet!
      • Google Play Services Issue FIXED!
      • Added Smart Select + Screen Write FIX [No more needed the flashing of this]
      • Now its*NECCESARY* to flash Open GApps if you get GpPlay Services Error
      • More internal things!

    • Smart Select and Screen Write don't work - NO - You should flash a FIX for Smart Select and Screen Write [Look above in Installation Instructions!!]
    • Landscape Keyboard in Whatsapp its not in correct DPI
    • The RC its unstable and most of the interface are not optimized to work with this ROM [Experimental App]
    • SPen Modes sometimes corrupts Gallery App
    • Always on Display only lets you the Automatic Brightness mode
    • Blue Light Filter don't work
    • Fingerprint don't work
    • Sometimes, the gallery thumbnails exchange with others [Lib Problem]
    • N7 Camera suddenly FC, but normally works
    • Still searching them, but the most important are these...

    1. Rooted Terminal With Unlocked BootLoader And Custom Recovery [TWRP/PHILZ]
    2. Download My ROM And Put It in Your External Storage
    3. Boot Your Phone in Recovery And Wipe: Dalvik/Art Cache, System, Internal,Data, Cache, Preload
    4. Select Install, Select The .zip
    5. Follow The Aroma Procedure
    6. At Aroma End Untick The Reboot Option
    7. Flash the Open GApps! Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết
    8. Reboot And Let The Phone Start, it will boot two times in Splash Screen, don't interrumpt the Procedure!
    9. Follow The Instructions Illustrated On Welcome Screen
    10. [OPTIONAL] If you get Wifi Issues, Check POST #2
    11. Enjoy this software!
    [Click on the Image of the Server you Want]
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