ROM STOCK [RUU] Google Edition Conversion. 5.0.1 RUU Zip pre-rooted/non-rooted + firmware

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    This will NOT work on a CDMA HTC One GSM ONLY!

    This thread is NOT to support changing your MID, Changing your CID, Rooting or Flashing a custom recovery. If you need to learn how to do any of those do NOT use this thread to post in. Post in the respective dedicated threads to complete these processes. This thread is ONLY to support flashing the RUU. Nothing more, nothing less.

    This is NOT a general 5.0.1 discussion thread.

    Furthermore, if you need any more detailed instructions than what's stated in this post then you really shouldn't be doing this to your device. If you need a "video" or ask for "step by step" instructions you will NOT get anything more than what's in this post (at least from me). There is no easier way to do this process, there is no easier way to explain it. If you read the post and still don't understand what to do then I advise you to leave your phone alone... Read and then read some more until you understand everything.. WE WILL NOT SPOON FEED YOU IN THIS THREAD!

    This procedure is not easy and is not really noob friendly, well flashing the RUU is not really difficult but it's the prerequisites that are more complex/risky. If the instructions aren't clear enough for you or you require further hand holding then I'm sure most of us would advise you stay away from the process.

    Also, please do not PM me for support. PM's will not be answered. Post it in the thread. It helps other's having the same issue find a solution. If it's over PM it only benefits you and not everyone else


    ADB knowledge
    Fastboot knowledge

    First you are going to have to have s-off on your device. Thread for S-off (and support for S-off) Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết

    Full Conversion 5.0.1 RUU ZIP containing System, Boot and all Firmware 5.11.1700.3 Available as pre-rooted and stock non-rooted

    This will wipe EVERYTHING INCLUDING YOUR SD CARD so make sure you back up the contents before running this, but you'll end up with a factory-fresh GE. Of course, there's still no support, warranty or responsibility implied or otherwise.

    The 5.0.1 RUU Zip supports the following MIDs and CIDs if your MID or CID is not in this list you will have to modify the android-info.txt file in the zip to match your MID/CID

    modelid: PN0710000
    modelid: PN0711000
    modelid: PN0712000
    modelid: PN0713000
    modelid: PN0714000
    modelid: PN071****
    cidnum: 11111111
    cidnum: T-MOB010
    cidnum: CWS__001
    cidnum: BS_US001
    cidnum: GOOGL001

    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot oem rebootRUU
    fastboot flash zip
    you will the following message:
    FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)
    Just run the same command again:
    fastboot flash zip
    fastboot reboot

    Download Links Can be Found on my Website: Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết
    You can also find the 5.0.1 OTA zip,, stock recovery and bootloader on my site as well from the same link above

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you use this and brick your device or if your device blows up, implodes, or flames start shooting from it or it kills your neighbor's dog. Flash at your own risk. This process is not for the faint of heart so I am not responsible.... It was the other guy... I swear....

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