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    An 'end of life' release has been uploaded to fix the broken host issues. Thank you everyone!

    Welcome to my HTC One Toolkit 3! [​IMG]

    This is my new design and version. I'm not too sure if you'll like this but it looks less cluttered! [​IMG]

    Table of contents!

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    Downloads are at the top.
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    About the toolkit:

    This is a very good looking toolkit with almost everything you would want to do with your shiny new HTC One! This should work on all models (conditions may vary [​IMG] ).

    This toolkit offers a 'one-click' method of:
    1. Using HTCDev to unlock the bootloader
    2. Using Revone to grant S-OFF to your phone
    3. Basic ADB commands to get you going
    4. Basic Fastboot commands to get you booting!
    5. Installing APKs
    6. Sideloading!
    7. Pushing!
    8. Installing Drivers! (optional)

    The list could go on for about 2-3 more points but I'm lazy! (forgetful)


    Version 3.3.0 [EoL]: Đăng nhập để thấy được liên kết

    For thoes running Windows XP try this out. It requires .NET Framework 4 CP. Give me some feedback! [​IMG]

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